Project Highlights

Greencap is proud to work with many leading New Zealand and Australian companies across a broad range of industries. Some of the recent projects we have undertaken are featured here.


Project Highlight

EPA Victoria – Stawell Tyre Stockpile Remediation Project

Greencap were engaged by EPA Victoria to provide a range of WHS & Environmental expert services for the clean-up of approximately 9500 tonnes of “very high fire risk” tyres located in Stawell, Victoria. This included regular audits of site management plans with particular focus on safety systems and processes, provision of site inspections and identification of non-conformances and opportunities for improvement.

The results of EPA Victoria and Greencap’s partnership created exceptionally pleasing results through ensuring Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) on site was compliant to Worksafe standards. Along with the swift implementation of Corrective Actions identified by the managing contractors, the partnerships have also contributed to the maintenance of zero instances of First Aid, Medical Treatment Injury (MTI), and Loss Time Injury (LTI) on site.

Project Highlight

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) – Work Health and Safety Victoria

Greencap is assisting DEECD to meet its Work Health and Safety obligations. Auditing 1200 workplaces over a five year period, Greencap is drawing on its strong project governance capability for coordinated and effective program delivery.

DEECD now has valuable information that informs how it manages its high risk areas, made accessible through the use of dashboard reporting for oversight across all DEECD workplaces.


Project Highlight

Goodman - Property Project, National

Greencap provides Goodman an integrated risk service offering so they can meet their risk and compliance obligations as a property owner, developer and manager. Services range from Asbestos/Hazardous Materials Surveys to Property Risk Audits and Compliance Assessments, Cooling Tower Risk Management Plans, Emergency Management Services and bespoke Occupational Hygiene services and advice. Goodman also utilises the Greencap Online Solutions suite including ContinuONE, CM3 and TrimOnline.


Project Highlight

Jones Lang LaSalle – Review of National Property Portfolio

Trimevac and Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) have formed a professional relationship that encompasses many years of service innovation and national project dependence.

In addition to Trimevac’s emergency management compliance services, the emergence of novel training programs including conflict resolution, emergency planning and asbestos awareness has mitigated critical risks for JLL clients whilst reducing the administration burden often associated with the risk management process.


Project Highlight

Lend Lease - Barangaroo Waterfront Redevelopment Sydney, New South Wales

Greencap was engaged by Lend lease in June 2012 to provide services to manage soil contaminants at the Barangaroo Waterfront Redevelopment in Sydney. Barangaroo is one of the largest waterfront redevelopments in the world, comprising 22 hectares, with an expected timeframe of 10 years and a $6 billion investment.

Greencap provides a suite of services across Hazardous Materials, Hygiene and Work Health and Safety. With employees on site on a daily basis to ensure there is a safe working environment, Greencap has received a Contractor Safety Award from Lend Lease for this work.


Project Highlight

Mining3 - Maintaining Mining3’s Externally Certified WHS Management Systems

Greencap worked with Mining3's WHS Coordinator to conduct project and system audits. These audits led into a series of continuing improvements of Mining3’s on-site services in risk management, emergency planning, staff mentoring, investigations and reporting.

The WHS Management System was re-developed by Greencap to ensure re-certification to AS4801, and integrated plans for the adoption of the new ISO 45001.


Project Highlight

Manteena - Currong Apartments Demolition Work, ACT

Manteena engaged Greencap in October 2015 for the Currong Apartments Demolition Works located in Braddon ACT. The works involved friable asbestos, dust and noise monitoring, onsite supervision and site validation of asbestos demolition over a period of approximately 15 months. Greencap also developed tailored training solution of all site personnel which included fit-testing of personal respiratory equipment.

Key outcomes for the project included testing and compliance of onsite spoil and water management to limit potential offsite migration of asbestos impacted waste and developing a site validation strategy to validate the site in stages to allow progressive construction works and delivering the validation report prior to site sale settlement.

Project Highlight

Vale – Environmental Impact Assessment

Vale appointed Greencap to prepare the environmental impact assessment and to obtain Government approval for the expansion of its Nickel operations in Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a combined investment value of close to USD 5 billion.

The project includes opening new mining areas, expanding existing nickel smelting capacity, and constructing a hydro-metallurgical processing plant and new seaport facilities.


Project Highlight

CBH Group - Asbestos Management Services Western Australia

Greencap provides the CBH Group with a complete range of Asbestos Management Services. An initial asbestos inspection of over 200 regional sites and four major port terminals was completed in 2013, and since then Greencap has been engaged to provide ongoing expert advice, a corporate asbestos management plan, asbestos abatement risk assessments, technical specifications for large scale abatement projects, project management, asbestos hygiene and re-inspection services.


Project Highlight

JKC - Ichthys Project Onshore Liquid Natural Gas Facilities, Darwin, Northern Territory

Greencap is undertaking a program until April 2018 to monitor environmental impacts to land, air and water during the construction and commissioning of the Ichthys Project Onshore Liquid Natural Gas Facilities. Greencap will undertake assessments for engineering, procurement and construction contractor JKC Australia to ensure that environmental compliance requirements are met.