Property and Hazardous Materials

Facility owners, managers and employers are confronted with an ever-broadening range of obligations relating to design, management and operation of property.


With Greencap at your side, you can effectively assess and manage property related risks including fire safety, hazardous building materials, and property transfer.

We conduct property risk assessment audits and establish effective management programs in order to minimise exposure for employees, occupants and contractors. These services bring benefits to your organisation, protect your staff from being unnecessarily exposed to asbestos.

They comply with Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, mitigate potential down time when suspected hazardous materials are encountered, reduce insurance premiums and minimise potential liability claims.

Property Risk Services

Asbestos Risk Management

Fire Safety and Engineering Services

Emergency Management Planning

Maritime Asbestos Surveys

Greencap Workforce Training - Online Asbestos Awareness Course



Property and Hazardous Materials

Download an overview of Greencap's Property and Hazardous Materials services (PDF).